This year we'll explore markets with tremendous growth potential and likely to transform industries and improve society.  We'll build on the lessons from our previous summit where we explored the phases of entrepreneurial startups. We'll also have a series of small group interactive workshops for entrepreneurs to learn from our expert network, mentors, advisors, and each other. Building a business is challenging and we strive to bring together the resources that will lead to success.

INDUSTRY EXPERT PANELS - Explore the trends shaping massive growth markets, how these markets intersect, and how to capitalize on them. (Conference Room 102)

08:00 AM   Networking Breakfast/ Registration

08:45 AM Welcome Remarks

09:00 AM  DATA ANALYTICS: Massive Growth Markets in Industrial Internet, IoT, and Big Data for Entrepreneurs and Investors

10:00 AM  ROBOTICS/AI: How State-of-the-Art Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Spinouts from Research Institutes Will Transform Governments, Commercial Markets, and Our Future

11:00 AM  FINTECH: The Explosive Growth and Transformative Power of FinTech is Just Getting Started

12:00 PM    Lunch

01:00 PM  IT DevOps: Disruptive Innovations in IT (DevOps, Containers, and Micro Services) Will Change Your Business from the Inside Out.

02:00 PM  HEALTHCARE: Disruptions in Participatory Medicine and Population Health - How will technology empower consumers?

03:00 PM   Coffee break

03:15 PM  EdTECH: Technology in Education: Too much or not enough?

04:15 PM    Reception

SMALL GROUP MASTER CLASSES (Size: 10 delegates) - Update critical skills and gain insights important for every entrepreneur.

10:00 AM  How to launch and divide equity among founders and early team members: Michael Torosian, Partner, DLA Piper (Conference Room 101)

11:00 AM  How to build and lead an effective board of directors: David Richardson, Partner, DLA Piper (Conference Room 101)

12:00 PM  Lunch

1:00 PM  How to raise money in the current environment: Bradley J. Gersich, Partner, DLA Piper (Conference Room 101)

01:00 PM  How to protect your IP and avoid mistakes: Victoria Lee, Partner, Global Co-Chair, Technology Partner (Conference Room 104)

02:00 PM  How to manage investors and stakeholders: Tom Furlong, Partner, DLA Piper (Conference Room 101)

03:00 PM  Coffee break

03:30 PM  How to manage the exit: Curtis Mo, Partner, DLA Piper (Conference Room 101)

EXECUTIVE INTERACTIVE: (Limited In Size: 20 delegates) - Deep dive moderated interactive discussions between speakers and delegates

10:00 AM Storytelling for Entrepreneurs (Board Room-Conference Room 107)

  • Andy Raskin, Storytelling Coach

11:00 AM  Big Data in Action: How to turn Big Data into Big Money (Board Room-Conference Room 107)

1:00 PM  Scaling FinTech (Board Room-Conference Room 107)

2:00 PM   For Angels and Early Stage Investors (Board Room-Conference Room 107)

Angels investors meet with Wharton Angels and select VCs to discuss the current early stage investment landscape - trends, forces and risks affecting investments. 


2:00 PM Fireside Chat on Technology Collaboration with Mihir Shah, CEO, Drobo and Ravi Poli, Founder and CEO, Cloudfuze (Conference Room 105)

  • How technology companies can collaborate between organizations and people connecting any cloud from any device using a unified platform.

2:30 PM Fireside Chat with BV Jagadeesh, Managing Partner, KAAJ Ventures (Conference Room 104)Topic: Leveraging an MBA and product background skills for success as an entrepreneur

3:15 PM Fireside Chat with Founders of Girls in Tech, 2RedBeans and New Story (Conference Room 107)