10 Challenges Women Entrepreneurs and Leaders Face and How to Overcome Them

10AM | October 27th | San Francisco

Women entrepreneurs are launching businesses at an astonishing rate. In fact, New York has far more women-owned businesses than other major cities in the United States. According to the Center for an Urban Future, between 2002 and 2012, women-owned businesses grew by a colossal 65 c or 45 new businesses every day. This added $3 billion in payroll to the city’s economy and more than 56,000 jobs. Yet women face many challenges an entrepreneurs, investors, and business leaders.  What more can be done to help women entrepreneurs? What is the experience in San Francisco or what about small cities across the country? In this panel, we’ll ask women entrepreneurs and investors to provide insights and advice on how to overcome ten of the large challenges facing women leaders.

  • How to overcome the pressure to act a certain way
  • How to defy social expectations
  • How to succeed at raising capital
  • How to own your accomplishments
  • How to overcome limited access to industry networks and connections and build a support network
  • How to balance business and life
  • How to develop business and financial skills
  • How to cope with a fear of failure
  • How to over come self-doubt and lack of confidence
  • How to find mentors and role models