How To Thrive in the Growth Stage of A Venture

  • Speakers: Alon Amit -- Co-Founder, VP of Product, Origami Logic
  • Len Lodish -- Professor Emeritus, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania (moderator)
  • Mark Gainey -- Co-founder and CEO, Strava
  • Christian Gheorghe -- Founder & CEO, Tidemark
  • Carl Showalter -- General Partner, Opus Capital


  • What trade offs come into play in the growth stage and how do you prepare for them?
  • How to build the growth stage team? Does culture matter and how to create it?
  • What challenges to prepare for when moving through financing (series A-D)?
  • What’s the science behind building a killer sales team?
  • How should the board change for the growth phase?