How to have an engaging and lively panel at Entrepreneurs Summit

Please take a look at the panelist bios and agenda as a reminder of your time slot, moderator, panel theme and topics.  Here are the few video segments and tips that you can get through in less than 10 minutes to help you prepare and deliver a great experience to your audience.


Educational Video: How to be a great panelist and moderator

Panel Parameters:

  • 50 min panel including 10-15 min of Q & A

  • Please arrive at least 1 hour prior to your panel.  You are welcome to enjoy the entire day of the summit as our guest of course.

  • Please be ready to be mic'd up 5 minutes before the start of your panel so we can start on time.

  • Location

  • Parking

The Video of Your Panel: How we'll curate, enhance, and share the highlights of your panel with the 1300 entrepreneurs on our list and 10,000 more via a targeted LinkedIn Campaign using video.

Think of the title of your panel as the title of a book and the moderator's questions as the titles of a chapter. After the summit, we'll "curate" the video to find the moments where key questions were asked to mark the start of a chapter.  We'll then enhance each "chapter" with a description and links to resources (or profiles of sponsoring firms), and we'll then make it easy for viewers to share the moments or "chapters" they like most via email or social media.  Click on the image to see a live example of what we did for SAP to help them segment chapters of a video to distribute to different audiences.

Feel free to connect us with your marketing teams should you want them to have access to the video chapters with you in them to share.  We'll provide them with links to specific chapters in the video.