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"60 Second Pitch Sessions" During The Coffee & Tea Mingle @ Entrepreneurs Summit

You've practiced your 60 second pitch and now want to use it attract co-founders, team members, and investors. Make sure you attend The "60 second pitch" session during the Coffee & Tea Mingle @Entrepreneurs Summit to put it to work. To make the most of this, find people you want to connect with and send them a quick note in the summit's mobile app to introduce yourself and ask them if you can share with them your "60 second pitch" and if they say yes, look for them during The Coffee & Tea Mingle.  Introduce yourself, give your 60 second pitch, and ask if they would like to learn more so you can follow up later.  Move on to the next. This is the perfect opportunity to make multiple contacts in a short period of time.  The attendees at the summit are some of the most connected individuals in Silicon Valley.  During this time you might end up pitching an investor or better yet someone who can introduce you to the "right" investor. Remember, it's not just who is at the summit, but rather it's who they are willing to connect you with. The right introduction will transform your business and life. Remember: Practice, Practice Practice

Here is a suggestion for how to craft your 60 second pitch from