Build relationships with StartUps by sponsoring them to attend the Entrepreneurs Summit as your guests

This is a unique opportunity to sponsor promising entrepreneurs or members of the StartUp community to attend the Entrepreneurs Summit as your guests.  In particular we are looking for sponsors interested in inviting entrepreneurial team members from incubators and accelerators helping Veterans, Minorities, and Female entrepreneurs in addition to the entrepreneurs from the leading incubators and accelerators listed below. You'll get the chance to:

  • build relationships with entrepreneurs
  • set up meetings to connect with them throughout the day
  • facilitate introductions by using the summit's mobile app to discover who to meet.

They'll get the opportunity to :

  • learn from our educational panels
  • meet other great members of the StartUp community
  • and have you to thank for the opportunity.
Which group of entrepreneurs would you like to invite, or have us invite on your behalf, to attend the summit as your guests?
You can invite them directly after we provide you with your VIP code or we can invite them on your behalf. The following have promising entrepreneurs available for invitation:
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Type of organization *
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